25 Feb 2020


I love how I no longer have to worry if I'll have a short-cut tips to submit my daily report. The Advanced level training will cover the complex formulas, more details PivotTables plus with hot Macro buttons.
Advanced Microsoft Excel training teaches you a huge array of skills, including the ability to: 

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20 Feb 2020


Why are soft skills important?

Soft skills are known as the ability to make interactions with others. Besides, it also defined as interpersonal skills or emotional intelligence. The person who is good at soft skills can build a relationship with others more easier also create trust and capable to lead teams.

Soft skills are required in any interactions with other people. For instance, an employee has to communicate with his/her colleagues in the team project, conduct a presentation to the investors in order to attract funds and so on.

Examples that support the importance of soft skills:

Career progression and promotion

  • According to research, there are 94percent of professionals recruiters believe that the employee who possesses better soft skills will have a bigger chance of getting a promotion to a management position than those employees who weak in soft skills.

The modern workplace is interpersonal
  • In the modern workplace, skills include presentation ideas, communicating with others and active listening are being highly valued. Better soft skills can lead to a collaborative, productive and healthy environment and these will make the companies become more competitive.

Customers and clients demand soft skills
  • There is a large number of options that consumers can choose where to buy from. The consumers are demand lower prices and convenience for them. Therefore, customer service is an important factor that will influence the choice of consumers. Better ability in communication has become increasingly important to the success of an organization. 

17 Feb 2020


Importance of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an application software for image editing that enables us to apply different effects to images easily. It is essential software for all graphic designers and photographers. There are lots of businesses using Adobe Photoshop to create a more attractive image due to it consists of unique features that other software didn't have. In the best case, it can bring a large impact on the business. 

Here are some benefits of learning Adobe Photoshop for businesses:

Create Own Marketing Materials
  • Learning of Adobe Photoshop enables businesses to create their marketing materials such as stickers, signs, and brochures by themselves instead of outsourcing it to other companies. Besides, it also allows for additional creative control over the materials circulating about your business. 

Better Social Media Profile and Content
  • Using Adobe Photoshop enables companies to create better quality images and eye-grabbing cover photos. Even the individual with little knowledge of Photoshop can also turn the raw material into more share-worthy and high-quality marketing elements. 

Improved Sales
  • Widely hailed is one of the most crucial components for eCommerce, good product photography doesn't begin and end with the click of the shutter. Besides, easy photo editings like making small adjustments on the shadows or color enable to make your products posessess of greater impact and can attract those potential customers. 

16 Feb 2020


Small businesses are community and individual focused

Small businesses tend to be more community and individuals focused. Many small businesses choose to participate massively in their communities, which leads to a connection with their customers. As a small business owner, you can easily facilitate personal connections with social media. Current and potential customers will have more respect and appreciation for providing timely responses to the transaction.

Less expensive advertising

Social media is a great advertising tool with no extra features to pay for. You can update your followers for promotions, sales, new products, or even just industry related information. Posting photos can also help customers see what you offer. With social media,you can advertise to your current customers. However, you can also advertise potential customers by getting your brand out there. Your current customer is also a great brand ambassador.

Joint social media marketing efforts

Multiple small businesses can collaborate on social media marketing strategies. As a small business owner, you can work with neighboring small businesses (not competitors) that target people within your niche. By joint together, you and other small businesses can build brand awareness. You can get on the radar of potential customers and encourage individuals to buy from both businesses.

Learn more about your customers

Social media generates huge amounts of data about customers in real time. You can use this information to make more informed business decisions. All major social networks provide analytics, providing demographic information about interactions with your account. This can help you tailor your strategy to better communicate with your real audience.

12 Feb 2020


The importance of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is very popular software among web designers and image editors.  It is a user friendly software and offers lots of unique tools that help you unleash your creativity. Despite being paid software, Adobe Photoshop is used by thousands of budding and professional web designers all over the world.

Opportunity to express your creativity

Photoshop opens a door of unlimited possibilities. The more you explore its features, the better you understand your own potentials. You will gradually find out new ways to make your designs better.

Build Trust, Goodwill and Loyalty

A well designed brand helps create a professional appearance that builds trust and credibility, which is essential to growing your business. Your brand fosters unity and commitment among your employees by providing them an identity and values to rally behind and promote. Trust plays a crucial role in convincing buyers about the quality of your products or services. Companies that thrive are ones that have developed a brand that is trusted. Good design by using Adobe Photoshop plays a key role in creating communication that can enhance that trust.

Professionalism & Consistency

You want your company to make a great first impression. Using logos, pictures and designs can help create a professional image of your company in the eyes of your audience. When applied correctly, graphic design provides visual consistency through all of your marketing efforts,building your company's identity and brand awareness with Adobe Photoshop's tools.

11 Feb 2020


Importance of Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel provides advanced features in Microsoft Excel such as execute a large number of calculations, huge data processing, and better data analysis. Besides, users can generate better tables or graphics that use for presentation and reports. In addition, advanced excel can also be employed to figure out the trends and averages of data that can be used to explain the behavior of some figures.

Advanced Excel training is highly recommended for several careers such as business analyst, data analyst, and finance manager. Here are some benefits of learning advanced excel.

Increase Efficiency

  • The users who acquire an advanced level in Excel can help the employee to complete multiple tasks with lesser time needed. The users with basic skills in excel will require lots of time to organize and analyze the data properly. However, the users with advanced levels of skills in excel can perform the same task at faster speed thus save lots of time. 

Increase Knowledge and Management Skills 

  • Advanced Excel training can also improve the knowledge and administration skills of the employee. The trainee will get familiar with the complex features of excel during the training period such as auditing data, creating PivotChart and use of financial formulas. Moreover, the person whose profession in advanced excel can sort and analyze the data in better quality. 

Better Salary Aspects

  • The employees who are well trained in advanced excel wouldn't worry about their salary. This is because Microsoft excel in analytics is a skill not many people possess. Therefore, the employee who possesses advanced excel skills will be more competitive with others. Both small and large scale companies are offering a higher salary in order to attract ad hire those excel professionals.


Big Data in Healthcare

Healthcare big data is employed to collect and analyze the consumer, patient and clinical data which is very complicated to understand by using the traditional data processing method. The data scientists and machine learning algorithms are responsible to process the big data. Besides, the application of big data analytics into the healthcare industry had brought lots of benefits and generates life-savings approach. It can also be employed to monitor the health data from the range of an individual to a population and prevent cure disease. 

Big data becomes increasingly vital to influence the healthcare industry. Here are the factors that lead big data to become more important in the healthcare industry.

Increasing Volume of Healthcare Data
  • The amount of virtual data health system had to process upsurge significantly as most of the heath records being digitalized. In addition to electronic health records, vast amounts of data can also be sourced in other methods such as mobile applications, digital marketing efforts, and so on. The total adds up of all these data become an incredible amount of information that boosts the healthcare industry to employ big data systems in order to collect and analyze those data effectively.

Growing Healthcare Costs
  • According to past data, healthcare costs had grown at a fast pace around the world. In 2016, the healthcare expenses had contributed 10 percent of the world gross domestic products (GDP) and continued increase. This is because of the lifestyle factors and also the government regulations. Therefore, healthcare organizations require to figure out quantifiable methods to enhance efficiency and performance by collecting and analyzing large amounts of data. This will boost the satisfaction of the patient and can capture larger market share.

Desire for Personalized Care
  • According to "The Amazon Experience", consumers in all industries demand more exceptional, convenient and personalized service which includes the healthcare industry. Consumers will increase the demand for convenient, personalized care continuously. Therefore, the healthcare systems had to improve in order to meet the demand of consumers. Besides, the improvement of personal care had to emphasize on retention, engagement, and quality.  Nowadays, health systems are transforming into healthcare big data in order to enhance the level of personalization.

10 Feb 2020


How Big Data Analytics influence Decision Making?

Big data can change how decision makers view business issues and inform strategic decisions so they can rely on objective data. Good data, sound analytics, and valuable insights are critical to reducing risk, making balanced strategic decisions, and competing with others. 

Accelerating Time-to-Answer

The time period for decision-making is rapidly decreasing. Companies must make decisions faster than ever in this period. Accelerating decision time is critical to the success of any organization. Big data analytics mitigated. Customer reaction to a product is an important factor to consider when making a decision. Using data resources to understand the preferences of customers is one way of pointing out gaps existing in the market. Accelerating your time-to-answer is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Big Data and Traditional Business Intelligence Alignment

In order to get the maximum benefit of time-to-answer, a clearly defined relationship between Big Data and traditional Business Intelligence should be established. Achieving good governance in Big Data, traditional BI, and organizations is an important aspect of organizational success. Both variants; big data and traditional analytics have to work together to get maximum results from Big Data applications.

Create a Big Data Ecosystem

A data ecosystem is the organization of data from all sources. The data is then used to anticipate new challenges that may arise. In traditional Business Intelligence, you have to analyze one piece of data to the next.  It is necessary to integrate data to achieve meaningful results. Data collection and cleansing is hectic and time consuming such that by the time you are done and have the answer the new client has already left or the old one has resulted to faster means. Big Data Analytics allows your organization to collect, integrate, and create a model to test hypotheses and metrics for real-time inspection of solution applications. This process gives an accurate and fast answer. Therefore, when customers forward a question, they get faster answers.


What is the advantages of using Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel provides tools to analyze and visualize the way to access the data set. If you have a set of data related to numeric, financial, statistical, or other information, you can not only use a spreadsheet to store this data, but also manage it, analyze it, and present it. Microsoft Excel provide complex processing that can be accessed even by people with less technical experience.



When a spreadsheet is generated, the data is entered into the worksheet. Each data item is stored in a single cell. Cells can also contain formulas, either written by themselves or selected from predefined collections designed for common tasks. For example, you can have a cell in a spreadsheet that performs calculations using the values in other cells. Then, if you update the values in these other cells, the results in the formula cell are also updated. To this end, the spreadsheet provides an automated method for continuous analysis and calculation of the data set.

Preset Functions

Spreadsheet programs provide a range of preset functions that encapsulate common formulas, allowing users to apply functions without having to type them in manually. Preset functions are accessible via buttons in spreadsheet program user interfaces. Common functions include sorting and filtering data as well as carrying out calculations such as sums and percentages.


Graphical Displays of Data

Spreadsheet programs can convert data sets into various types of graphical displays. In Excel, the chart section provides the ability to present a data set in a chart or graph. This allows users to visualize and communicate their data sets in presentations, such as using pie or bar charts. Visualizing data in this way can help you understand it and inform future planning decisions. 

6 Feb 2020


What makes big data so important?

Consumers live in a digital world of instant expectation. From digital sales transactions to marketing feedback and refinement, everything in today’s cloud-based business world moves fast. All these rapid transactions produce and compile data at an equally speedy rate. Putting this information to good use in real-time often means the difference between capitalizing on information for a 360 view of the target audience, or losing customers to competitors who do.

The possibilities (and potential pitfalls) of managing and utilizing data operations are endless. Here are a few of the most important ways big data can transform an organization:

Business intelligence
  • Coined to describe the ingestion, analysis, and application of big data for the benefit of an organization, business intelligence is a critical weapon in the fight for the modern market. By charting and predicting activity and challenge points, business intelligence puts an organization’s big data to work on behalf of its product.

  • By analyzing a periscope-level view of the myriad interactions, patterns, and anomalies taking place within an industry and market, big data is used to drive new, creative products and tools to market.

    Imagine “Acme Widget Company” reviews its big data picture and discovers that in warmer weather, Widget B sells at a rate of nearly double Widget A in the Midwest, while sales remain equal on the West Coast and in the South. Acme could develop a marketing tool that pushes social media campaigns that target Midwestern markets with unique advertising highlighting the popularity and instant availability of Widget B. In this way, Acme can put its big data to work with new or customized products and ads that maximize profit potential..

Lowered cost of ownership
  • If a penny saved is a penny earned, then big data brings the potential to earn lots of pennies. IT professionals measure operations not by the price tags on equipment, but on a variety of factors, including annual contracts, licensing, and personnel overhead.

    The insights unearthed from big data operations can quickly crystalize where resources are being underutilized and what areas need more attention. Together this information empowers managers to keep budgets flexible enough to operate in a modern environment. Visit www.arcnettraining or click http://www.arcnettraining.com/index.php?ws=services&cid=0&sid=13637

4 Feb 2020


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My expertise is to help HR & Admin team to keep employees happy and turnover low by proposing, conducting and optimizing a result-oriented training content and trusted solution for their employees.

ArcNet believe in transforming people’s life by improving their job skills.

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The most organized and profitable companies will conduct employee development programs or training to enable their employees to rise up through the ranks. Those that don’t tend to suffer from attrition, watching their best workers depart for greener pastures.

If you don’t want to be the company that loses good talent – and you don’t want to be the worker that never becomes good talent – then continuing training or mentoring is one of the best approaches. This is what we do. 

Let’s talk about the top 5 benefits of advanced Microsoft Excel for the employee and then for the company. Although if you look closely enough, you’ll probably notice that everyone benefits from all. Awesome! Check out this benefits!

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What’s so great about social media marketing? 

When you have a limited marketing budget, it’s important that you spend it wisely to get the most for your ROI. Marketing through social media is one of the most flexible and cost-effective strategies that small businesses can use to reach their target audience and boost sales over time. 

That’s why 97% of marketers are using social media to reach their prospects and start to engage with them.

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3 Feb 2020


Why must use tools? 

Data is meaningless until it turns into useful information and knowledge which can lead the company in decision making. For this purpose, we have recommended top big data software available in the market. This software help in storing, analyzing, reporting and doing a lot more with your valuable data.

Enlisted below are some of the top open-source tools and few paid commercial tools that have a free trial available.

What tools would you like to use? 

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