29 Dec 2019


Up to August 2019, There were 5,153,000 Linkedin users in Malaysia. which accounted for 15.7% of its entire population. Which we already know, Linkedin is also one of Social Media available nowadays such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which allow you to do business networking and promotion, but they’re also used for fun and entertainment. On the other hand, Linkedin is all about making professional connections. You’re not going to post what you had for breakfast or watch kitten videos on LinkedIn. Instead, you’re going to connect with potential clients, customers, mentors, and referrers. As a result, you need to use LinkedIn differently than other networks.

Here are 6 tips for maximizing LinkedIn to build your home business:

1. Create a profile that speaks the client or customer you want to have.
Unlike the other social networks, LinkedIn gives you a lot of space to toot your horn. But instead of giving a laundry list of experiences, as you might do in a resume, create a benefits-oriented profile that will attract potential clients. Particularly in the summary, be clear on how your home business can help customers. Make it easy for members to learn what you do and how you can help them by using bulleted lists. For example, if you're a virtual assistant, you can have a list that shows how you can free up time and maximize income for your clients.
With that said, also take advantage of the other features you can have on your profile, such as a list of books and publications you've written, media exposure, awards and recognition, membership in associations, and more.

2. Use keywords to get found.
Search engines are not the only place keywords are important. Keywords at LinkedIn will help your connections find you when they need the product or service you offer.
Make a list of keywords related to your business and use them in your personal LinkedIn URL (if you want to brand your business or name, use them in your URL instead), headings and text areas. For example, if you're a freelance tech writer, include writing and technology-related keywords.

3. Make strategic connections.
Unlike Twitter and Facebook in which the more friends you have the more important you appear, LinkedIn is about quality over quantity. In fact, once you hit 500 connections, LinkedIn doesn’t post the total number of connections you have.
Members of LinkedIn are more picky about who they connect with, and, in fact, if they don’t know you, they may not connect with you. That means you can’t start asking to connect with members willy-nilly. Doing so might get you labeled a spammer.
Instead, start by connecting with people you know. You can search for their names or allow LinkedIn to access your email to find members for you.
Replace LinkedIn’s default note with a personal note when you ask for a connection. You can improve your chance of getting a connection by reminding the member about how you know him or her and why you want to connect.
Remember to think about how you can help others when you make connections, instead of focusing on how they can help you.

4. Share professional news, events, and updates only.
LinkedIn is all about showcasing your expertise. It’s the place to post your new blog articles, milestones, product launch and industry-related news. Except possibly in group discussions, limit posts related to personal issues to Twitter and Facebook.

5. Participate in groups.
Building your connections beyond your current network requires getting to know new people. You do that by participating in groups. Search for or create groups that cater to your market.
Once you join them, participate in discussions. Groups are not a place to blatantly promote your business. Instead, they’re where you share your expertise, provide help and support, and make connections. They’re a good resource to get support for and tips in your business as well. They are ideal to build trust and rapport so that you can attract new clients and referrals from group members.

6. Be generous.
Social networking is a two-way street. If you want people on LinkedIn to write recommendations, endorse you for a skill, or introduce you to potential prospects, you need to do the same. Don’t wait for others to be nice to you. Instead, share the love first, and hopefully, they’ll return the favor
Be sure to put the LinkedIn Badge on your website, so your visitors can find and network with you on LinkedIn.

Don't underestimate the power of LinkedIn to help in your home business. There are many freelancers who have gotten quality clients and referrals through LinkedIn.

23 Dec 2019


The finance department generates lots of data.

2 type of data :

 Structured data is information managed within an organization in order to provide key decision-making insights.
 Unstructured data exists in multiple sources in increasing volumes and offers significant analytical opportunities.

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